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Read what our happy clients have to say about the
spiritual intuitive results from The Saucy Spiritualist! 

Catherine Mattice

Reiki healer,
Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Writer

What a blessing! I have been working with Catherine Elizabeth for over two years now. Catherine is an incredibly gifted Spiritual Intuitive. In my personal life, her Spiritual guidance has assisted me through the highs and lows of loss and life’s challenges. Her calm, easy demeanor is so reassuring that all will be well, whatever the circumstances. And her connected Spiritual guidance is spot on. In my professional capacity as a Reiki healer, Catherine has also assisted me with guidance in my life purpose as a healer.  Conversation and guidance always flows easily in a compassionate and yet straightforward manner. A  session with Catherine will be illuminating, sometimes life changing but always worthwhile.

Steffi Black, Coach,
Qigong Practitioner

There is a reason she’s called the Saucy Spiritualist. Catherine is a straight shooter and directly shares her insight with warmth and humour to access higher guidance. Her approach is refreshing and uplifting at the same time.

Katherine H,

Catherine is a delight with a lovely voice, a gentle nature, and a great sense of humour. I’ve been consulting her on my spiritual path for 20+ years. She and her guide Michael are the real deal! Ask anything. They will meet you where you are in your personal growth, and both respond to questions from a larger, wiser knowing—it’s like a 2-for-1! Don’t be shy; ask specific, detailed questions about what’s happening in your “now.” I always feel less anxious and more empowered after each session, remembering I shape my own reality. Make sure to ask for few poignant, real-life tips to deploy as soon as the session is over—that’s the gold. Occasionally, I call on other spiritual guides from time to time for variety, but truly, Catherine & Michael are my “go-to” or home base for spiritual mentorship. Highly recommend!

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