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Discovering a Deeper Meaning 

What do I want you to know about me?  There is actually a lot to know.  I’m a multifaceted person, just like many of you.  I live in a small town on purpose, because I love the village vibe. It feels good to me to bump into my neighbours at the grocery store or the bank. I’m a mum to a magical teenage boy (mums always say that don’t they??.…but in my case it’s true).  I love big dogs. I can see the lake from my house. I’m an introvert who hates “cocktail conversations” but loves deep and connected ones. I probably won’t come to your Christmas party but I will absolutely drive you to rehab if you have to go. I swear. A lot….but never in front of your grandmother if at all possible.  I have a tendency to follow what feels good and I don’t worry too much about what mainstream people think or say. Which is a good thing because I’m not mainstream. I’ve been a Spiritual Intuitive for over 20 years. I love helping people get to where they want to go. I use a combination of channeled information and imagery to help you in times of grief and trauma and provide clarity on your personal life or work situation.  Think of it as chatting with a friend who can see the whole iceberg and not just the tip. I’m a good listener. Always compassionate. Sometimes a little bit saucy….but since I’m the Saucy Spiritualist, that’s probably ok.  If you think I can help you with your big picture let me know.  I’m happy to set up a chat with you to see if we are a good fit, discuss my working style and answer any questions you may have.  If you like how that feels then we can book a session.  Cheers, Catherine Elizabeth The Saucy Spiritualist


What a blessing! I have been working with Catherine Elizabeth for over two years now. Catherine is an incredibly gifted Spiritual Intuitive. In my personal life, her Spiritual guidance has assisted me through the highs and lows of loss and life’s challenges. Her calm, easy demeanor is so reassuring that all will be well, whatever the circumstances. And her connected Spiritual guidance is spot on. In my professional capacity as a Reiki healer, Catherine has also assisted me with guidance in my life purpose as a healer.  Conversation and guidance always flows easily in a compassionate and yet straightforward manner. A  session with Catherine will be illuminating, sometimes life changing but always worthwhile.

Catherine Mattice

Reiki healer, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Writer

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